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Lisa M. Chapman, M.D.- OB/GYN has joined Lakeview Clinic and will see patients in our Waconia and Chaska offices!

Peter Rogers, D.O. Internal Medicine and Pediatric has joined Lakeview Clinic! He will see patients in Chaska and Norwood.

Michelle Flaskerud, NP-C has joined Lakeview Clinic! She will see patients at all of our sites.

Heather Hagen, M.D.- Pediatrician has joined Lakeview Clinic. She will see patients in Watertown and Waconia.

Maggie Kennealy, PA-C has joined Lakeview Clinic and will see patients in our Waconia and Chaska locations!

Starting September 19th Todd Holcomb, M.D. will no longer be seeing patients in Chaska. He will be full time in Waconia.

Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine - Top Doctors 2016
Each year Minneapolis St. Paul magazine polls 5,000 doctors and 5,000 nurses as to who they would go to for medical care. Ensuring a fair and unbiased outcome, these professionals are randomly selected from the ten-county metro area using the Minnesota Mailing List Service from the State of Minnesota’s list of licensed physicians and nurses. The physicians that receive the top 15% of votes make the Top Doctors list. Congratulations to the following Lakeview Clinic physicians who made the Top Doctor list:

John E. Beithon, M.D.
Katherine K. Hackett, M.D.
Todd A. Holcomb, M.D.
Mark R. LaRose, M.D.
Lorene E. Rutherford, M.D.
Murali V. Srinivasan, M.D.

Erica Weber-PA-C, has joined Lakeview Clinic and is seeing patients in our Chaska and Waconia offices!

Tracy Ingham- Nurse Practitioner has joined the Lakeview Clinic team! She will be seeing patients in our Waconia office!

Anne Benolken, M.D.- Pediatrician has joined Lakeview Clinic. She will be seeing patients in Norwood and Waconia!

Hearing Health Now at Lakeview Clinic
Comprehensive Hearing Care is now a fully-integrated service at Lakeview

Part of Every Complete Exam

Basic hearing assessment is now included for every patient at Lakeview Clinic. For many patients (age 55+), a simple hearing screening (30-60 seconds) is part of the normal workup before you see the doctor. For patients who need a more in-depth test, comprehensive exams are provided as an extension of your complete annual physical.

All of these services are included as part of the complete annual care we provide to our patients. No charge.

Though the program focuses on patients age 55+ (where hearing issues occur most frequently), it is open to every adult patient at Lakeview Clinic. If you are dealing with hearing problems yourself or suspect a problem with a family member, please tell anyone on our practice team. We will be happy to schedule a comprehensive exam.

Waconia Office- Monday, Tuesday
Chaska Office- Thursday
Norwood Office- Friday AM
Watertown Office- Friday PM

2015 Readers' Choice Winners


Doctor~~ Dr. Jamiee McPadden
OB/GYN~~ Dr. Amy Meath
Optometrist~~ Dr. Tracy Jackson
Pediatrician~~ Dr. Kathy Hackett

We were also voted Best Clinic!

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