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Imaging Services - MRI, CT, Digital Mammography & X-ray

Lakeview Clinic provides a wide range of imaging services including MRI, CT, Mammography, Bone Densitometry and X-ray.

All Lakeview clinic sites offer general x-ray services.


Lakeview Clinic offers state of the art CT (Computed Tomography) services utilizing a Siemens 16 slice CT Scanner in our Waconia office. This equipment allows our professionally trained staff to perform a wide variety of examinations. In addition to all the routine CT scans, we are also performing Calcium Score exams.  Calcium score exams are used as a screening tool to determine the amount of calcium plaque in the coronary arteries.
Digital Mammography
Lakeview Clinic offers state of the art Digital Mammography. Mammography is one tool used for breast cancer screening. Lakeview Clinic also recommends monthly self-breast exams and regular visits to your doctor as additional tools for the early detection of breast cancer.

Bone Densitometry

Bone Mineral Density testing is a simple and effective way to test for osteoporosis or thinning bones. The test is a touch less scan that works similar to an x-ray. Lakeview Clinic’s DEXA scanner is primarily used to measure the bone density in your hip.

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