Family Medicine / OB

At Lakeview Clinic, our Family Medicine (FM) / Obstetrical (OB) physicians provide the full spectrum of care for the individual and family. While our emphasis is on general care, disease prevention and the promotion of good health, our doctors also specialize in the area of OB, meaning we are trained to care for women from preconception to prenatal, through delivery, postpartum and beyond.

This means our female patients can remain with their primary care physician, someone who knows your history and that of your family. You can rest assured we offer comprehensive care across all ages, from prenatal, newborn and pediatrics, on to adulthood and geriatric medicine.

Lakeview Clinic’s Family Medicine/Obstetrics physicians’ focus is on low-risk pregnancy management and delivery. If a pregnancy becomes high-risk, we co-manage or transfer care to our OB/GYN physicians, allowing us to work closely with our team of physicians to provide the best prenatal care possible.

Our FM/OB specialists are happy to provide care to your baby after delivery, or you may choose to continue your baby’s care with the primary care physician of your choice.

Family Medicine & Obstetrical Services

We address all health care needs for the entire family with family-oriented, comprehensive care, including:

  1. Newborn and pediatric care
  2. Well care
    • Preventative care
    • Acute illness and injury
    • Management of mental health issues
    • Coordination with pediatric specialists
  3. Women’s Health
    • Annual exams and pap smears
    • Contraception management, including IUD and Nexplanon
    • Medical management of concerns with periods, pelvic pain
    • Sexual concerns
    • Menopause concerns
  4. Preconception, prenatal, delivery and postnatal services for low-risk pregnancies
  5. Orthopedic concerns
    • Sprain management, simple fractures, joint injections and manipulation
  6. Chronic disease management
    • Diabetes, hypertension, COPD, heart disease, etc.
  7. Geriatrics
  8. Mental health concerns
  9. Procedures
    • Skin biopsy, lesion removal, wart treatment
    • Laceration repair

In the event you need imaging studies, we offer comprehensive radiology services, including Digital x-ray, 3-D mammogram, CT scan, MRI, Bone density, and Coronary calcium CT.

With all primary care under one roof, including consultation with OB/GYN specialists, you can be assured of easy referrals and collaboration among Lakeview Clinic health care providers. We also offer in-clinic lab services.


Obstetrical Specialization

Every Family Medicine physician at Lakeview Clinic receives training in prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care during residency. Our FM/OB physicians continue to use this training after completing their medical residencies. In addition, they are certified in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics, to maintain competencies in obstetrical complications.

Meet Our Team

At Lakeview Clinic, we offer FP/OB providers at our Waconia, Chaska and Watertown locations. Click a physician to read their biography:

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