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COMING SOON! Digital check in via kiosks and mobile devices.

Self Check In at Lakeview Clinic

Lakeview Clinic will soon offer appointment self check in! Patients will have the option of checking in with digital kiosks in our lobbies or with their phones by simply scanning a QR code! The introduction of digital kiosks will help us maintain a patient-focused experience. We are excited about how these kiosks will not only save you time during your visits but empower you to take a more active role in managing your healthcare.

How does it work?

Learn more about each step in the appointment check in process.
Appointment Reminders
Pre-Check In
Appointment Digital Check-in

Appointment Reminder Links

Prior to appointments, patients will receive an appointment reminder text and email containing a link that can be used to preregister for your appointment.

Pre-check in

Patients should use one of the links they receive in an appointment reminder to confirm appointments and finish up to 90% of their registration. Pre-registering will expidite the check in process when patients arrive for their appointment.

Appointment Digital Check-in

Skip the front desk and quickly check in using our digital kiosks or QR codes for mobile check in. Our kiosks are fast and secure.

Pre-check in Video

Check in Video

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