Lakeview Clinic – Norwood

Lakeview Clinic, West is located in the city of Norwood on Faxon Road, just east of McDonalds. The clinic is a full service clinic providing family medicine, internal medicine and pediatrics, complete x-ray facilities and clinical laboratory. Additional specialty services are available on a regular schedule through Lakeview Clinic, Waconia.

Call 952-467-2888 to schedule an appointment.

Norwood Physicians

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406 Faxon Road (PO Box 120), Norwood, MN 55368

Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm | Sat. Hours available in Waconia

Phone: 952-467-2888

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Diane Hjelden
November 16, 2022

Very quick to get in and everyone was friendly and helpful.

Carol Wellnitz
October 24, 2022

Everyone is always so amazing, they treat me with respect and kindness. When needed they always work me in the best they can. Dr. Elliott has been awesome. . I'm very happy with the girls at the front desk their great. And the nurses are always so wonderful . Overall Everyone is fantastic!!

Gloria Witherington
October 15, 2022

The clinic is very nice. I arrived and was seen by the doctor almost immediately! Dr Elliott was very nice, took the time to get to know me as it was my first visit. She asked me questions and listened to my questions which then led to more probing questions and she covered all the things I wanted to in my mental list of questions ( which of course I almost forgot). Very happy I chose Lakeview Clinic and Dr Elliott!

Rosie Krueger
September 29, 2022

Very happy with the doctor and everyone was very friendly 😊

Mary Kohr
September 20, 2022

They always listen and make you feel like they want to help you find out what is wrong. The nurses and Doctors are great!!!

Kevin Prodoehl
September 12, 2022

I have always been pleased with Dr Rogers. He takes the time to listen and is a great provider.

Eurasia TheIV
August 5, 2022

Polite staff and diligent doctor, there's not much I could say because it's my first visit, but great so far

Mimi H
July 12, 2022

Small town clinic, easy in and easy out. I hope I have switched doctors to doctor Clark I like doctor Clark. Service seems to be OK I don't have any problems with the place and it's quick to get your service.

Shawn Emmings
March 21, 2022

I feel as though I was well served in every aspect of my visit. My physician was thorough and the rest of the staff was knowledgeable and polite . Thank you

Lois Fasching
March 21, 2022

All staff was friendly. I was seen by Dr. Elliot in a timely manner. She explained everything and did the appropriate preop tests.

Twyla Rabaey
March 21, 2022

Very attentive and pleasant staff. I am VERY pleased with Dr. Elliott. She takes time to explain and listen. Have always had great experiences at Lakeview Clinic-in all locations. Thank you for caring about your patients!

Bruce Pawelk
November 2, 2021

Great staff. Best Doctors.

Brittany Misuraca
October 21, 2021

My family has been going to Lakeview Clinic for many years and I've always been happy with the care that we've received. Yesterday I brought my 1-year-old in for a COVID test and I was especially impressed with the new technology they have for testing. They did one swab to test for COVID, RSV, and Influenza. It was a PCR test and it was so fast! They were already calling with results when we got home. It's so nice having reliable results right away without waiting several days.

Desiree Aeziman
October 15, 2021

Always friendly and professional my son loves his doctor and his doctor is patient and understanding.

Lucan Madramootoo
September 11, 2021

I saw Dr. Alicia Pysick at the NYA location this week. It was so refreshing to have a doctor listen to me. I remember all too well what it was like to debate other doctors about my own symptoms while I was slowly dying of Lyme's Disease. She listened to me thoroughly and took me at my word. It was really nice.