Our Care Teams

Our providers and nurses work within Care Teams in order to deliver timely and optimal care to patients.

Meet our Care Teams

At Lakeview Clinic, we know you can’t always get an appointment with the medical provider of your choice at a time that works best for you. That is why Lakeview has established  Medical Care Teams. Each team consists of providers and nurses who work collaboratively to ensure patients are receiving high quality and timely care.

We encourage patients to learn more about their preferred provider’s team. If your preferred provider is unavailable, we recommend scheduling with another provider on their team. You can learn more about your providers care team below.

Family Medicine 1


Sandra Beulke, MD

Ben Scherschligt, MD

Natalie Stoltman, MD

Matthew Schull, PA-C

Alicia Pysick, NP-C

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Family Medicine 2


David Haugland, MD

Sarah Carlson, MD

James Carrabre, MD

Victoria Zbikowski, DO

Maggie Kennealy, PA-C

Owen McCann, PA-C

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Family Medicine 3


Heidi Wuerger, MD

Jonathan Bennett, MD

Kristin Olson, NP-C

Rebecca Siffring, MD

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Family Medicine 4

NYA & Waconia

Lucas Labine, MD

Daniel Olson, MD

Ashley Sivanich, PA-C

Abigail Elliott, MD

Leah Clark, MD

Lori Melby, MD

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Family Medicine 5


Jonathan Larson, MD

Erica Weber, PA-C

Jaimee McPadden, MD

Jennifer Ische, DO

Allison Sowers, PA-C

Makayla Dickovich, PA-C


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Pediatric Team

Anne Benolken, MD

Laurel Erickson, MD

Heather Hagen, MD

Kathryn Howell, MD

Laura Mohling, MD

Peter Rogers, DO

Lorene Rutherford, MD

Eric Wentling, MD

Alexandra Anderson PA-C

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Internal Med Team

Paul Brown, MD

Todd Holcomb, MD

Tara McMichael MD

Peter Rogers, DO

Jordyn Walter, MD

Natalie Rogotzke, PA-C

Tessa Somermeyer, DNP

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Lisa Chapman, MD

Erin Chinnock, MD

Mark LaRose, MD

Amy Meath, MD

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General Surgery


Todd Elftmann, MD

Boriana Petkov, MD

Dawn Stapleton, MD

Kevin Taylor, MD

Tim Thormodsgard, MD

Steven Turner, DO

Laurie Grotzinger, PA-C

Stephanie McCarney, PA-C

Brooke Simones, PA-C

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Eye Care


Thomas Bryan, OD

Tracy Jackson, OD

Bradley Ludwig, OD


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(Foot & Ankle Surgeon)

David Arens, DPM FACFAS


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More about our Family Medicine Care Teams

Our Family Medicine department is comprised of 5 care teams. Teams are grouped in part by location, ensuring providers and nurses are able to work collaboratively within their team to meet patients’ needs as promptly and effectively as possible. 

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