Immunizations | Vaccinations

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Immunizations & Vaccinations

What are Vaccines? 

Vaccines help prevent illness from viruses and bacteria. They train your body to fight harmful invaders by causing an immune response. They work by using live or dead pathogens, part of a pathogen or mRNA. Vaccines go through an extensive series of safety testing before being released to the public. Versions of vaccines have been used for centuries.  


Who should get vaccinated? 

Almost everyone should get vaccinated against vaccine-preventable illnesses, unless you have a weakened immune system, or your healthcare provider recommends that you don’t. Ask your healthcare provider if it’s safe for you to get vaccines. 

You usually get vaccines: 

  • During infancy and childhood. 
  • To maintain previous vaccinations (“boosters”). 
  • Seasonally, to protect against the flu. 
  • Over the age of 50, when you’re more likely to get certain diseases. 
  • When traveling to an area where certain illnesses are more common. 


You can find out what vaccines are recommended for you based on age and risk factors from the CDC’s Adult Immunization Scedule and the CDC’s Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule. 


Where can I learn more about vaccination requirements and recommendations? 

The Minnesota Department of Health has a wealth of information regarding vaccine preventable diseases, including an Immunization Guide listing which vaccines are required to enroll in childcare and school.  

How can I access immunization records for myself or my child?

You can view immunization records directly from your Lakeview Patient Portal. You must have an existing portal account to utilize this option. If you’d like to set up a portal account, you must first make a request in person in order to protect the privacy of your medical records. You may also choose to contact your provider’s nursing team to request immunization records. 

The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is a confidential system that stores electronic immunization records. MIIC makes keeping track of vaccinations easier and helps ensure Minnesotans get the right vaccines at the right time. Use this link to learn how to request records from MIIC. 

Can my child get free or low-cost shots?

The Minnesota Vaccine for Children (MNVFC) program offers free or low-cost vaccines for children 18 years of age and younger. Complete a Patient Self-Screening Form to determine if you are eligible for assistance with the cost of childhood vaccines.

Vaccinations | Immunizations

At Lakeview Clinic we adhere to all vaccine administration protocols and work hard to make receiving vaccinations as comfortable as possible. We also understand the importance of individualized healthcare, and therefore encourage all patients to consult with their primary care provider in order to receive an informed recomendation regarding immunizations and vaccinations.

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