Hearing Screenings

Hearing Screenings

Mar 15, 2023 | Family Medicine, General, Healthy Living

Do your relatives often complain that you don’t hear them or that you have the radio or TV on too loud? Do you often ask people to repeat themselves or speak more clearly? Do you sometimes feel you aren’t part of the conversation? Do you avoid going to certain places because you know you won’t hear well? If so, you may be experiencing hearing loss. Ask your doctor how you can get a free hearing evaluation at Lakeview Clinic, or simply schedule an appointment with our Certified Hearing Specialist, Elise R. Miller.

Elise is a Minnesota Certified Hearing Instrument Dispenser. Additionally, she is Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and has an undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders (Speech and Hearing Science) from the University of Minnesota. Because Elise has severe to profound hearing loss herself and has worn hearing aids for 37 years, she believes she can better connect with her patients and relate to the difficulties they are experiencing.

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