Chronic Care Management for Medicare Patients

Lakeview is proud to offer a new optional service called ChartSpan for our Medicare patients.


Chart Span chronic care graphic.

What is ChartSpan Care Management?

ChartSpan care management is a Medicare program that gives you access to care in between your regular office visits. The program’s goal is to keep you healthy, offer you assistance, and prevent any conditions you have from worsening. A care management program reduces unnecessary hospital visits, ER visits, and overall healthcare costs.

The program uses nurses and clinicians to help you manage your health needs outside of office visits. These team members then report all updates back to your provider to keep them informed!

Program Benefits

24-7 service icon

24/7 Nurse Line

Available all day, every day.

custom care plan icon

Customized Care Plan

Plans are updated regularly based on your care goals.

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Additional Assistance

ChartSpan assists patients with setting appointments, refilling prescriptions and more.

What Does It Cost?

Whether there’s a cost for this program depends on your insurance. Normal copays and deductibles apply. While we can help you estimate your costs, your insurance company will be able to give you an exact answer.

Learn More!

Learn more about ChartSpan’s services on their website.

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