Welcome to Lakeview Clinic TeleHealth

Please Read:

We are committed to provide you the highest quality of care in-person and/or virtual care.  To do this effectively we REQUIRE that you call our clinic appointment line at 952-442-4461 to schedule an appointment.  Please be aware our providers that are listed below can only accept patients that have been scheduled by calling our appointment line.  After you have scheduled an appointment please click on your provider that is listed below during your scheduled time.  Your provider will accept your invitation when they are available to take you.

Computer requirements:

Webcam/Camera is a requirement.  

*** 5MB or more internet connection or LTE Cellular Service Required***

*** Please STOP all streaming services before your Telehealth appointment on all other computers and devices in your house – (ex. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu…) ***

  • Supported Computer Browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari
    • FireFox
    • (IE and Edge does not work)
  • Supported Smart Phone / Tablet Browsers:
    • Apple Safari
    • Android – Google Chrome
    • (Apple Google Chrome does not work)


Click on your Provider 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Telehealth visits are a billable service, the same as an in person office visit.