Lakeview Staff Aid Girls in Kenya

Lakeview Staff Aid Girls in Kenya

Oct 20, 2023 | General

For several years, Dr. Lorene Rutherford has been traveling to Light of Hope Home & School in Kenya to provide medical care for abandoned, abused, orphaned and impoverished girls. Several current and former Lakeview employees have accompanied her on these trips since 2011. Unfortunately, they have been unable to make the trip the last few years due to Covid.  

This year Dr. Rutherford and her team once again made the trip to Kenya the last week of August. Lakeview Clinic would like to recognize Dr. Laura Mohling, Dr. Abby Elliot, Alicia Pysick, Lorie Dyrdahl, Jen Williams, and Cathy Kohnen for contributing their time and skills to such an important effort. Volunteers not only provided medical care but also provided educational support. The group also provided Light of Hope girls with the opportunity to learn about flying, aeronautics and finances as well as providing general encouragement and positivity.  

Lakeview staff members found the trip to be fulfilling in a multifaceted way. Learning about another culture and helping improve the lives of the girls in Kenya was meaningful, but the additional benefit of working as a team in Kenya created bonds between the members of the group as well. “I’m super proud of the team of people who came this year, and I was really happy about the enthusiasm and resilience they showed during the trip,” says Rutherford. “At the end of the day, everyone’s goal is to honor the kids and serve them in the best way we can. I think the team did that with enormous generosity, kindness, and team spirit.” 

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