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The new 2023-2024 COVID vaccine is recommended for anyone over the age of 6 months old regardless of previous COVID vaccine status. Lakeview Clinic will be offering the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine. If you have questions on vaccine eligibility, please call Lakeview Clinic at (952)442-4461. 

Covid-19 Vaccinations

Lakeview Clinic currently does not have any COVID-19 vaccines in stock.  We anticipate having Covid-19 vaccines available in our clinic in the coming weeks.

Please do not call our office to set up a shot-only appointment as we are not scheduling them yet.  

When the vaccine becomes available, patients may call to schedule a vaccine appointment at one of our clinic locations. We will update our website when vaccines become available. 

We encourage families to check with their insurance provider regarding coverage for Covid-19 vaccines. 

If you are searching for a pharmacy to administer your Covid-19 vaccine, you can use the provider locator on 

As always Lakeview Clinic encourages you to consult with your primary care provider in order to receive a personalized recommendation regarding immunizations. Individualized care is an important aspect of your healthcare, and we are here to help. 

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Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatric, Podiatry, Eye appointments, and mammograms can now be made online.

Other appointments, including shot only appointments, should be made by phone.

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