RSV Immunization

Lakeview Clinic currently does not have any RSV immunizations in stock We anticipate having RSV vaccines available in our clinic in the coming weeks. Please do not call our office to set up a shot-only appointment as we are not scheduling them yet  We anticipate having RSV immunizations available in our clinics in the coming weeks.

RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Immunization


Protection for Infants 

RSV is the leading cause of hospitalization for children in the US. Infants less than one year of age are at highest risk for severe disease and hospitalization. There are two ways to protect your baby from getting very sick with RSV. You can choose to get RSV immunization during weeks 32 through 36 of your pregnancy during September to January, or your baby aged 8 months or younger can get RSV immunization during their first RSV season.  Only one method of immunization is necessary, and both seem to offer similar protection from severe disease. 

Beyfortus – Infant RSV Immunization 

The new RSV immunization is NOT a vaccine; rather, it is a monoclonal antibody shot that is given to young infants prior to and during RSV season. It was recently unanimously approved by the CDC and protects children from severe RSV disease for 5 months. RSV season is typically November through March, so those infants who are less than 8 months old at the start of RSV season will be eligible to get this shot. Infants who are born during RSV season are also recommended to get this immunization.  

A small set of children in their second RSV season (who are 8-19 months old) will also be eligible to get this immunization if they have certain medical conditions. 

This immunization is safe to be given with other childhood immunizations at well child visits. Side effects are very mild and include rash and injection site reaction (less than 1% of kids get this). 

If your child is 8 months or younger, or is severely immunocompromised, or suffers from a chronic respiratory illness, we encourage you to speak with your child’s medical care provider about RSV and discuss if an immunization would benefit your child. 

Abrysvo – maternal vaccine 

Pfizer’s ABRYSVO is the only maternal RSV vaccine given to help protect newborns from severe RSV from birth through 6 months during 32-36 weeks’ gestation. Babies born to vaccinated mothers do not need an additional immunization. Maternal immunization refers to the process of vaccinating a pregnant woman so protective antibodies can be passed to the baby through the placenta before birth. During pregnancy, your body naturally passes on antibodies that help protect your baby against bacteria and viruses in the first few months of life, before they’re old enough to develop their own protection. 

We encourage families to check with their insurance provider regarding coverage for RSV immunization or maternal vaccines. 

Protection for Older AdultsAbrysvo  (Vaccine for Adults, 60+) – (Not Available at Lakeview Clinic)

RSV can cause illness in people of all ages but may be especially serious for infants and older adults. Older adults with chronic medical conditions like heart or lung disease, weakened immune systems, or who live in nursing homes or long-term care facilities, are at highest risk of serious illness and complications from RSV.  The CDC recommends adults 60 years and older may receive a single dose of RSV vaccine, based on discussions between the patient and health care provider. The RSV vaccine may be given at the same time as other vaccines. 

Please do not call our office to set up a shot-only appointment as we are not providing them in our clinics. If you and your primary care provider determine you should be vaccinated for RSV, you can locate a pharmacy that administers this vaccine using the Abrysvo provider locator. 

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